Monday, October 5, 2009

Picture Potencial

Pictures. Paintings. Drawings. Scribbles. Art.

If your kids are at all like mine, you can relate with me that papers stacked with sweet "I love you's" are not always the ones to keep. How does one decide between the relatively similar pictures neatly piled on your desk? Of course, you could make the child choose one and file it away. You could frame it for a period of time until a better one comes along. Or, there is my option of buying a big. fat. sketchbook.

When ever one of my kids want to be an artist, they can take out the book and pour their creativity onto the pages of potential. This book will now contain the lives of my kids, their interests, their uniqueness, and of course their individual creativity. So, for me that was one problem that was solved and honestly, made me feel about twenty pages lighter.

Lighter, hope


  1. Thank you. I love these books, Target usually gets them in around Christmas time. They sell for about twenty dollars...