Monday, October 12, 2009

My littlest pony

Every princess needs a pony and every girl who pretends to be a princess wants what they have. My daughter was no exception and her little desires became her birthday wish. So with the shake of my spoon I attempted to make her a "pony cake", because after all she is our little princess.

Unfortunately, the head fell off later on in the day and as I struggled to attach the fondant mess melting in my hands I had to make a quick decision and find a new position for it. One fixed problem revealed a new one and because there were sticks holding the head up there were places where the fondant tore. I was quite upset at this point and completely exhausted so I covered up the mess with a porcelain plate. No one will see what they don't know.

Damaged, hope

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  1. How about ... you are probably the most talented chick everrrr - and Jenny has to be the cutest girl ever .. loves you from all the way over in Canada..xo