Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for a Date night

After our third child was born our date nights were rare and my husband had this great idea that we should do date night every week but alternate weeks between us. When its his week he is in charge of taking me out of the house and planning a babysitter. On my nights we put the kids to bed early and I plan something at the house. This way we save money and both of us are excited about dating again!

Here is a Date Idea for all you ladies.....

Scrabble in the bed

Playing Scrabble takes a while so get your favorite beverages and small snacks set up in a private but comfortable area in your home. Put on something really nice just for him and tell him that this game is to be played using words to describe sex.

Rule #1: Need to agree on spelling and the words that are put down on the board.
Rule #2: Tell him in advance that this is a competition to pleasure (they love that)
Rule #3: In the end the board determines the "Prize" and the winner gets it.
Rule #4: Have fun, keep in mind that this is a date so no bad attitudes.

Sorry no pictures this time and I couldn't post our "Prize" but if it helps I did win by one point!


  1. Way to keep the spice in your marriage alive! You could also try Twister or Go Fish (use your imagination!) :D