Thursday, February 12, 2009

For the love of clothes

" In the beginning" is the perfect introduction for the book of Genesis because it was the beginning of so many things. The beginning of man and women, of their sin, of murder, of complete destruction to a city and then of the entire planet. The part that really stood out to me as I started to read the bible was the scripture where "God made them garments of skin for Adam and his Wife and clothed them." And there it was the beginning of clothing. God himself make them the finest attire despite his disappointment that they disobeyed him. He loved them so much that when he banished them from the garden he let them into the real world with clothing that he designed, leathers that to this day hold a value and are considered luxuries . This was the only possession that they had and as people of sin the importance of owning things began, the search of having more than we already have had started to rise.

From this point on we can admit that we are women who are fascinated with clothing, it is a part of who we are and the lives we lead. We tell each other that "you look nice, is it something new you got, how much and where?" We have conversations about bargains, parties with matching decor and spend countless hours at cosmetic appointments. Everywhere we go there are magazines proclaiming the new must-haves of the season. There are designer names, brand names and knockoffs that are all devoted in advertising their products for us to buy! Without knowing we are lured into the web of fashion and misconception, weather its an overpriced label or a Walmart deal the constant search of things is always there because its always around us to push us into buying. We do have some control on weather to buy quality or quantity which depends on our lifestyles and the way we use our clothes but regardless we are taught the importance of it. We know that first impressions determine our character and our intelligence based on what we look like on a certain day. The way we present ourselves to the world determines how put together we are with the lives that we lead and we know that everything is inspected with even the most casual encounters.

If we look at the story of Eve it reads that " Eve saw that the fruit was good for food and it was pleasing to the eye and also desirable for gaining wisdom so she took some and ate it." As women we can understand this because every decision we make reflects EVE. We rationalize our thoughts with visual, emotional and beneficial reasons. Eve saw(visual) that the fruit was good, it was pleasing(emotional) to the eye and lastly she was interested in gaining wisdom(beneficial). Knowing this we can see how she rationalized her thoughts and based her decision on them even though she know that she was not to " even look at them or she would die." Its interesting to me that as soon as she questioned what she already knew how fast that took her away from making the right decision.

Girls, all I want to say is to be aware of the things around you. Choices make up your everyday life and everyday you are required to wear them so stop your impulse shopping and start asking yourself if the things you are buying are the things that you need. Try to remember that each item you buy should be an addition to what you already own.

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