Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reason to Relax

Pottery Barn puts it best. "My dream home includes places for pure relaxation. I want every space to offer reasons to stop and linger, to make relaxing irresistible."

In our modern era Living rooms have been abandoned, Dining rooms have been replaced and instead "open floor plans" are desired. Kitchens have nooks with eat-in bars that overlook family rooms which almost always center around a television screen. I can admit that this is ideal for our fast-paced always multi-tasking lives. But where do we go to simply relax. To read a book, drink hot tea, and actually enjoy the spring rainfall. For me its the living room, it has an untouched charm to it that invites me to sit and linger for a while. Its a place where everything is clean, everyone is fed and the to-do list is all checked off. There is nothing in the way then to just BE, because in the middle of the day that is where you will always find me.

I encourage you to pick a time in your day to just relax.
Make a space truly yours; as colorful, floral and shiny as your little heart will let you.

Happy Hope.

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