Friday, March 23, 2012

My friend Olga

I made this necklace yesterday, for my friend Olga.

She is a person that I have known for 10 great years. So I thought it would be fun make a list of 10 things that both she and you should know about her.

1. I have watched her bathe her infant 3 times a day because she enjoyed making them comfortable and happy. She defines nurture to me.

2. I have watched her get licenses and certificates because she believes in her husbands goals and wants to help her husband achieve them. She defines what a partner is.

3. I have watched her help her friends, out of kindness, only to be hurt in the end. Never once she she gossip or bad mouth about them. She defines honor for me.

4. I have watched her go against what she was raised because religion was not going to be a rule, is was going to be a relationship. She showed me what it took to believe for something.

5. I have watched her call me out on my parenting faults because I was too busy prioritizing the wrong things. She brings clarity to me.

6. I have watched her care for her mother in her last years with love and respect. She always talked about her greatness and not her shortcomings. She defines what a daughter should see in her mother.

7. I have watched her plant a garden every year. She enjoys life in a manner that I often miss. She sees the little things, the details that surround us. She inspires me to be more aware of creation.

8. I have watched her bake and cook in a way that makes even the most plain thing extraordinary. She shows me that simple things have potential to be great.

9. I have watched her learn knitting and sewing through practice, videos and many mistakes. She showed me the rewards that dedication and persistence can have. I love everything she makes.

10. I have watched her pull off a jeans and t-shirt look so well that it becomes desirable. She inspires me to add a few more t-shirts in my closet and come back to the basics.

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