Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dress for less

Today, I helped Jenny get dressed. We started off by picking out the pants first. I know that she likes them a lot because her favorite color is turquoise, so it seemed like a good foundation to build off of. The button up shirt was new, and I could tell from the sour expression she had on her face that she was skeptical. Are you sure that this isn't a boys shirt? She questioned, referring to her brothers white dress shirt. I smiled, I liked how she paid attention to even the finest details, and then I reassured her that she would like the completed look. I reminded her to hold onto her sleeve, and she quickly adjusted herself to do it as I helped her with the cardigan. Seeing that we still had plenty of time before school, I carefully reminded her that cardigans and sweaters are not one time use articles. They can be worn a few times before going into the laundry pile. She nodded, but I knew that this rule would escape her many more times and I would find it once again buried in the dirty pile of clothes. I finally tied the bow,fixed her hair, and straightened her shirt before she ran off to the mirror.

Jenny's look today cost $10.50. That includes the pants, cardigan, long sleeve button down, and the polka-dot bow.

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  1. Nadia, I think a description of where you bought clothes would be very nice... ;)