Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eyes to See

One Sunday, a few months ago, I was sitting in the very back of the church. I had come late, as i usually do, and sat in one of the last rows of the sanctuary. I remember that the sermon was harder to hear. I remember that I kept being distracted by a couple of kids in my row. I also remember looking far too many times at the door that was being open and closed. But although I was very distracted, I remember the worship. I remember my hands outstretched, my heart open, and the closeness I felt to my Lord.

In that small moment, I also remember feeling embarrassed. Foolishly I thought that I had reached a place of transparency with him, while I knew that a part of me was still holding onto a battle that I thought was too big for him.

Humbled I came to him, searching him out in the Sunday crowd. I need you, I said. What is it? He asked. Well, God. I said. I know that there are many people in far deeper hurts then I am. And I often feel that if any body should be helped, it should be them. But I also know that you see me battle with Eczema every day. And if there is any room for me to be healed from this minor discomfort then I would truly be grateful.

That was when I felt him touch me, so close, so near, that my eyes began to tingle. And I knew that he heard me.

Since then, I have experienced a healing that is considered to be prolonged instead of instant. At first it was just the simple notion of knowing, but before long it became an experience where He met me every day until every thing cleared up. And every day, I poured out a renewed gratitude because of it. Today when I woke up, I knew that he was finished. I knew, that I was healed.

I battled with a skin disorder that has no cure. It is considered a form of allergy and is genetic. It affected the area around my eyes, its only treatment is through prescription creams and ointments, which I had to apply daily for relief.

Praising God, Hope.

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