Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Craft Room Surprise

This is a written testimony of an amazing person that felt lead by God. That took action and allowed god to work in my life. To build my faith, once again. To trust him, again and again. Thank you for your generosity.

With another short sale not going through we were settling in our home for the third time. As a settler, I wanted to give my craft room some love and care and luckily I found everything I needed around my home. After piecing it together with no expenses at all I was excited to have my new space finished, especially because we recently decided to buckle down and go on a financial adjustment.

It was something that we felt our hearts were being lead to do, something that we had been aware of just not acting upon it. Because to be grateful, meant to stop being selfish, to stop promoting ourselves, protecting ourselves, and providing for ourselves. That instead, as grateful people we should be the ones to give. And even though we liked the concept of it, being thankful was not a category that met our finances.

Wanting to see the opportunity in offerings, I calculated the numbers and the fact was that we have not been able to meet our budget in a month. Unsuccessfully, we went over each and every time to a point of hopelessness. But this week, I knew it was going to be different because this time as I tallied up the dollars I saw that it was possible to spend less. That week we came out fifteen dollars short, and although I was disappointed that we couldn't give more I did feel like we accomplished something. But as I settled, God didn't.

On Friday, the first knock on my door came earlier then my expected guests. Knocking on my door with every intention of being a surprise. Anonymously proclaiming himself and the glory in my life by surprising me with something I could have never allowed myself to buy.

The sewing machine had all the bells and whistles. So extravagant that I was even scared to open it. Frightened that it might not be real, that it might have been a mistake, or that I might not even deserve it. So I gave it a couple of days before I felt ready. By then it was Sunday.

I opened it up carefully, not to break or loose any parts. I sat in my craft room and laid everything out. I looked at the manual and hoped that I wouldn't screw anything up. And in the end I still couldn't believe it. So I sat there. Waiting.

What I found was an envelope, simply put in a sandwich bag that was holding a pair of sewing scissors. Originally, I thought the envelope was holding the scissors in place so I didn't even bother to look inside of it. But for some reason or other, I felt prompted to open it then.

Inside I found sixty dollars, and before I could even put a category to the money I already knew it wasn't mine to have. Quickly, I went to my notepad that had the 15 dollars circled on it. It was the same 15 that had disappointed me earlier. Except now, became my confirmation, because the amount that I was so sure we needed to give was an offering of 75 dollars per week.

It was our efforts that he saw and it was the heavens that truly cared. A God that believed in me so much so that he rewarded me just for trying. And in the end, I saw a God that confirmed his voice to me, a God that knew how to encourage me, and a God that would help me.

We would sure need him because the next two months we had a lot of change coming our way, and in a way I would much rather be living out his plan, instead of my (so far failing) plan. But the best way to put it, is that there's nothing like being surprised by God.

Confirming, hope.

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