Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Sparrow

The arrival of baby Phillip is much anticipated. And while I love throwing frilly little things for girls, nothing can be more delightful to me then planning for little boys. I love the colors and the simplicity of them. The different hues of blue and green seem to never change but some how remain striking. And while it is fun to create new things it is also nice to fall back on things the have been proven to work. Classic looks remind me that some things never change and that being predictable doesn't need to be boring.

Patterns of blue birds echoed throughout the room, playing upon the branches of nature while nests made of moss awaited prayer over a seed inside. A prayer for nurture, love, and blessing in honor of the delicate arrival. Wishes for health, growth, and development upon each step that takes place before maturity. And while each is just a seed in the beginning, they serve as part of a purpose in God's plan. Nothing is without a destiny but yet for his glory alone.

To create, in a sense is to experience Him. To plan, is something that is part of Him. To be purposeful, is a reminder that there is always a purpose. I couldn't help but enjoy every part of my month. I enjoyed the days of preparation because I was able to appreciate it that much more. And in the end, I couldn't help but be in awe of the outcome. The turn out was a simple display of nature entwined by all the complexities it needed to come to life.

I felt that it was everything I could have given to a shower. And when the day finally came and the guests crowed the space, I thought about his name. Phillip Vorobets. Which, interestingly enough translated to "sparrow". And as I busily arranged the food on the table, I couldn't help but think that I was throwing a shower for a mama bird, that is awaiting the birth of her little chick in December.

Let the nesting begin, hope.


  1. Hey this is a happy post. I am so excited for little man to enter the world. He will be GREAT, I just know it :)

  2. Amazingly written! So sweet :)

  3. In a good way... its DEFINITELY tears of joy :) I am beyond blessed to have such a great friend like you, Nadia. This post will go down in history I tell ya! xoxo

  4. You did an amazing job!
    Wish I was there to see it. =(

  5. AMAZING! How is it you get more creative with every shower?! unbelievable...

  6. hey you did a wonderful job of throwing that shower! :) everything was lovely! :)