Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Ella Rose

I met Katie through a friend. She was sweet, soft spoken, and extremely beautiful. Right away, I loved her sense of togetherness. But even besides that, I liked how she chose her words. Always so carefully and intentionally. And even though she seemed delicate I found that I also admired her strength. In all truth, it was easy to like her.

What I found interesting though, is how the personality that shaped her, in turn helped shape her party. I knew that if I could convey just a little part of who she is, that it would make the evening memorable for everyone.

(Keep in mind who it's for and what they are like)

A rich plum seemed suitable. It was deep, as well as vibrant. The kind of color that was anything but predictable but every bit exciting. Balancing it off with a perfect white brought some lightness to the heavy shade and I liked how it made the patterns pop out.

(I say, start with one idea and build on it)

(A vision sometimes lacks the small details when it only sees the big picture)

So, the search for some details began. I needed umbrellas that I scored at Salvation Army, lanterns that I found at Ikea, and candles from the dependable Dollar Store. With all the major things purchased I was excited to start putting it together.

As I assembled the table, I felt that it still lacked. I needed something different. Something special. Something that conveyed every part of her femininity. And what better then a flower. It seemed like it was every bit delicate as it was purposeful. So, it was time to put my hands to work.

(Some things are last minute. Plan on it.)

At the end, I looked around and thought it provoked all the emotion a baby shower should. There were tender tears, powerful prayers, and genuine blessings that filled the room. And even though I would have loved to give my decorating some credit, I know that the women in that room made it happen for Katie. She was, after all, a special women of God.

Decorating is only one detail of the party, Hope.

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  1. This was the most beautiful shower! <3