Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Count Down

As we finished the turkey off with thanksgiving, I found myself thankful for the nice dusting of snow we have had the whole week. It was easy to enjoy the comforts of staying indoors. Sitting close to the fire and sipping on hot cider was very relaxing, but it didn't take long before I soon found my hands itching for something to do.

With out sizes or patterns, this wool hat and vest set was not an easy task for me but as the rhythm of the sewing machine became familiar to me, I saw potential in myself. I saw a women that was very much capable and never before did it make more sense to me. Never had I felt like believing in my creator meant to also believe in myself. Never did I feel like his presence was all around me when I was in the bubble of my purpose. And even though my purpose might just be a house wife right now, I am enjoying every minute of it.

So, if their is anyone else their that enjoys the hassles of staying at home I thought you might like my next adventure.

25 things in 25 days before Christmas.

1. Make an outfit.


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  1. I love both of them alot. Very professional on the vest.
    Good for you.