Saturday, August 21, 2010

T-Shirt Frenzy

I love the simplicity that happens when a t-shirt and jeans pair up together. There is something reliable about the moment, almost calming in the sense that it continues to be a trend. The truth is, I always come back to it and I envy my little boy when he has his tees on. So when I found these plain t-shirts for a dollar, it gave me an idea. Four t-shirts in four different ways.

Strips are always a go with me but something this predictable needed to be balanced with something that was not. A hand-stitched star helped this shirt have a sporty but trendy feel. I think Converse needs to watch out because I can draw stars too.

The hat here makes this shirt go a whole other level. But if you look close enough you will see that the shape of the guitar was mimicked off the fabric. A modern but yet classic look when the two were paired together.

Ties, seem to be hitting the stores nation wide. It is an inspirational idea that was easy to create, especially when I used the scraps from turning pants into shorts. Of course I always have jeans to lean on but the way I see it, matching should expand past the collections found in Gymboree.

Lastly, is the pocket. Probably the most functional of them all. But I learned that any thing functional can also be turned into something beautiful. Just by replacing the existing pocket with a pattern one gave this little tee some attitude.

There is always more then one way, hope.



  2. he is such a natural poser! love him to peices. lol

  3. He's my little cutie, thats for sure. But it did take me a week for the pictures. One a day was all he could handle....typical guy :)