Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Saturday was a day that was filled with disappointments and I wondered how many things could go wrong in one day before we would "call it a day". It was about midnight, as we were driving back from a long trip that I accepted it and hoped for a brighter tomorrow.

The next day, we woke up late and then lingered in the comfort of our bed as we made plans for our day. We splurged on a delicious coffee drink to go with our cookie, waited patiently at the new coffee place and observed the clever upholstery made from potato sacks, before finally making it to the park.

The park was beautiful and we took complete advantage of it. We laid in the shade and dreamed about the future. Played ball with the kiddos under the big oak trees and then threw up the tiny helicopters in the wind. We ate lunch that "Genius" prepared and enjoyed conversations with our children. They went on to play in the play ground and we continued to be in the moment of perfection.

It was such a release from yesterdays disappointments. There was such a peace about the moment that we stayed, far longer then our usual picnic adventures and loved every minute of it. Taking a small walk with my daughter we stumbled upon a field of fallen pine cones so we motioned for the family to come join us. Of course, pine cones began to be thrown everywhere. One after another hitting each other, sometimes by the handful.

We were happy, satisfied and rested by the end of our weekend. Just what all of us needed before starting another week of chores, cleaning, appointments, and work. More of schedules, compromises, and decisions. Simply put, it was nice to have this moment.

Delighted, hope.


  1. Beautiful pictures Nadia! Nothing can compare to such simple moments with family. God bless you guys!

  2. nadia, i love these pictures! you should definetly make a photo book with these. you look gorgeous! this is tanya writing from denis computer.

  3. I was gonna say...Denis thinks I am gorgeous?.... LoL. Well, thank you Tania. I am going to make a photo book of this summer. Can't wait to show you :)