Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tea Party

I don't try to throw the most outrageous parties, just the ones I can afford. Very often, I find myself smiling at a fifty dollar budget. Visualizing the grand possibilities that always seem to push my creativity. I actually love challenges because instead of seeing limitations I try to see opportunities and this was one of those times.

(Dishes, borrowed $0)

Using a set of the classic "blue and white" dishes I started to create my palate. I knew that they were not the traditional colors for a girls baby shower, but I also knew that being different had a way of grasping attention so instead of changing them I crossed my fingers and took a chance. One thing about taking chances is that you can't let people influence your decision, believe in yourself and in your idea.

(Napkins, Ikea. Table cloth $25)

Even though I was pretty certain that the colors would be beautiful, I also looked for ways to add femininity to the table. At the time adding gold and yellow seemed like a good idea until I realized that they were "Royal" colors. Not wanting the guests to think that this was for a "little-prince-in-waiting" I felt stumped.

(Paper birds $6, spray painted curly willow $3)
(Plants from the yard $0)

Seeing as the weather was going to be warming up, I took the extra step in taking the table outside. I felt that it would lighten the atmosphere and give my mind some much needed air. Looking out, I recalled the popular phrase "Easy, breezy, beautiful....Cover girl" With that said, a new direction was inspired. White curtains, fresh fragrances, barefoot pleasures, and elegance. Were the few feminine things that I wanted to incorporate.

(Furniture and curtains I had so $0, lanterns $1 each)

Excited about my new approach I spent the next two weeks preparing. It seemed that even though I had my ideas in place and my challenges faced, I knew that more importantly, more then the decor, more then anything. Women love food. To gather, to sip and to chat amongst ourselves, some would say, is what we live for. But just as we would dress ourselves to the occasion we must also dress our food.

Our eyes like to be drawn to things that excite us and make us wonder. Wanting to create visual appeal I tried to incorporate this to the perimeter of the table. Adding personal dessert trifles and a delicious brew of pomegranate iced tea were ways I added texture and appeal. Quietly, they proclaimed themselves "personal".

But no matter how well any party is planned, it is still dependent on your guests for a great turnout. Being personal is one way to make your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable. It is by them that the mood of the party is determined, so when I looked at all the bare foot ladies in this picture I finally accepted that this was a success.

Verse of the week:

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing
some people have entertained angels without knowing it"

Hebrews 13:2


  1. You did an amazing job with this baby shower!!!!! These ideas should be a cover spread for Martha Stewarts magazine :)

  2. Thank you! It was a good group of friends and family. Tanya is lucky to be surrounded by such great people in her life :)