Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy Rain

They say that the North West has hundreds of names for rain. This week it rained Holy rain. Not very often do the heavens fall down on me, drenching me with their grace. So I watched the rain as it continued to pour, breaking all records and penetrating into every root of life, including mine.

In the day that that work overwhelmed me, he was there with a solution. With a person and a plan that exceeded anything I could have even prayed for. Relieved, I rested in his rest.

In the day when I had nothing, He was there with everything. With a person and plan that was uncalled for but at the same time very much appreciated. Excited, I rejoiced in him.

In the day when I was doubting, He was there with a gift. With a person and a plan that was personal to me. Thankful, I accepted it.

In the day when I didn't have enough time, He was there with plenty. With a person and a plan He offered me help. And I took advantage of it.

For four days he poured into me, into my life, and into each desire. He was there. I think he was building me up for the last day when we received an offer on our house. Taken a back I questioned him. I asked him if this was his will and he spoke...

"Look at your week, look at what I have done for you. Of course my hand is on this." He said.

Reassured, I let him take it. I knew that His will was better then mine. I knew that He was able to do anything that he willed to do. And that even my desires were part of his plan.

Verse of my week:

"Because I am doing something in your days-You would not believe if you were told"
Habakkuk 1:5

His plans, my hope.


  1. I LOVE this post. He loves us so much and cares about the little and the big things in our lives. How amazing about about the house!

  2. I definitely believe that NOW is the time, more then ever to be living in His will. I want to know that my life has a plan, his security in a time when nothing is predictable.