Monday, June 28, 2010

Reaching the heavens

The sweet scent of honesty filled the room. Everything was out in the open, and vulnerable she took a chance with me. Pray for me she asked. I could sense the sincerity in her heart, the longing in her eyes and the urgency in her words. Together we agreed that there is nothing more powerful than words, more sudden than regret and more damaged than trust. Together we stood on the edge of our lives, trying to make sense of it.

I could feel her pain so close to me, almost one with me and I prayed the best I could for her, for me and for anyone else wanting this prayer. From the honest part of me, the hopeful part of me and the searching part of me, I let the words coming out of my mouth be words that were filled with purpose.

I began by believing that there is no circumstance that is too big for God to deal with, the understanding that even in our worst timing lies his perfect time and the faith that when all road's seem to be at there end, it is only then when they begin.

Help them see the beginning of their lives. Stir up their love for each other again, remind them of their commitments to one another and help them see past the place they are at. Surround them, be with them, and live in them. Always as the God that you are.

Release them from the guilt that they feel, the hold that the enemy has on them. Instead, open their eyes to each other and accept the truth that is yours instead of the lies that the enemy has made them believe. Help them clearly distinguish what is yours from what is not, through the power of your words and the truth of the bible.

Talk to them. Teach them how to communicate with each other, with understanding and without blame. Begin filling the silence of their lives with your purpose, so that nothing is wasted. Instead let each moment be an opportunity where they could rebuild their trust.

Be their foundation, so that they may not waiver off the path that you have set before them. Let it be stronger and more fierce than what the world offers, than what the enemy holds in his hands. May they not be tempted. Instead, during their faithful walk would you bring wisdom and understanding to their actions and persistence in their minds. Help them fight the fight for what is right.

Most importantly, use this season in their lives to be the season that they see you.

Pray, Hope.

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  1. Im speechless... you are so good to your friends. God gave you a gift and you're not letting it go to waste. You are such a blessing to the world around you, Nadia!

  2. Thank you. But as much as I wrote this prayer for a friend, it was also a reminder to me. So many times we think we are the only ones but the reality is, if you haven't thought of divorce at one time or are lying :)