Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Geek

High schools need to prepare you for the world and in that sense I think it completely did. Located in the heart of down town one of the ways we were spoiled was with the food from local businesses. Many of our lunch times were spent sitting in pizzeria's, bakeries and coffee shops. I just couldn't help but notice the delicate placed garnish's or complex sauces bordering the plates. Before I knew it I was drawn into the art of presentation.

In addition to its prime location, H.B Beal was very much esteemed for its Art Program. In the basement of our three story school we had black rooms, animation rooms, pottery kilns, fabric presses, model stages and what-ever else. I was eager to join the lower level club but at the same time they were also the people I felt I was nothing like. I wouldn't allow myself to be who I wanted to be but what was wanted of me. I knew that this was pretty typical, so I allowed the building itself to give me the courage to become me. To be creative, even if it meant that it would have to be in the basement of my heart.

Today, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go to school that wasn't as academic as it was creative. I know now that what I experienced there was an introduction to my life. I was able to see groups of kids that didn't follow trends, but make them. I was also able to see how "nothing" became "something" and what happens when the heart leads the hands. Absolutely, did that make an impact on my life and today I finally confess that I am an "Art Geek".

During a craft night a couple months ago, I made a bow. Well a couple days later that nothing became a something and my hands were lead. Even though I only added a pleated skirt and a bow to an existing tank top, I loved the transformation so I feel a need to share. Perhaps you too have a little spark in your heart and just in case you may also have a tank top just lying around. Be encouraged in knowing that our god is a creative god who made us in his image.

My verse this week:
God saw all that he made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

This week I needed security in that.

Confident, hope.


  1. Hey Nadia, first of all, very cute little tank dress you made for jenny! i like it a lot! and second, i love that you started putting verses at the end of your posts. gives you something to think about. Good job

  2. Thank you so much! The verses are a huge part of my life and I am so glad to hear that they are for you as well!

  3. You are one amazing woman!! You have golden hands my dear...

  4. Coming from one talented chic, I would say THANX :) Any day is a day for compliments.