Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunny day

Statement necklace made by Nadia Chernichenko

There are days when it feels like I am extremely busy. And not the good, doing something purposeful kind of feeling but more like running around in the same circle, continually. The beginning of last week was kind of like that, except I couldn't stop because I wouldn't let myself. I worked on this piece for hours and if no one was dependent on it, giving up would have been easy but the problem is that sometimes I promise things I don't know if I can even deliver. So be warned. It was exhausting up until I decided to take the opportunity to learn from it. The desire was definitely there, it was just the skill that needed to be mastered. I do believe that our desires aspire to something and even though it took a couple of days, several runs to the store and probably one to many burns. I was nearing completion.

Trial and error proved itself to me this week, but with all this work I was drained. I needed some bounce back into my day. With a name like "Sunny", I would expect to get nothing less. Two hours later I not only felt better but I believed it and only a certain kind of person has that kind of gift. I have recently realized that feeling better and believing it's going to get better are two different kind of things. I left her house energized and glad I had people in my life who know just what to offer, what to say and what to do.

By Friday, I had finished the three pieces and still had the day ahead of me so I took a big break and went on a hunt to find a lamp. Along with adding a lamp, I hung up some curtains to keep the bugs out on days when the weather allows for our doors to be open. I also added an extra blanket and a few more pillows for when the rains come in. The kind of days when we hang out on the couch. Lazy days, cozy days, sick days and Sun-days.

As I sat and looked around I felt happy. Happy that I have a family and thankful that I have a home. The simplest things can make me happy, when I do the things I love. Those little extra's that seem so irrelevant to my family are things that are actually for them. I know that my mood and the atmosphere of our home sets the mood for the entire family. I sighed, took a deep breath and smiled as I waited for my stomach to butterfly. It still does when I hear the sound of the door being unlocked. Bags dropped, keys placed and shoes taken off. Nothing can be better then hearing the familiar sound of "Honey....I'm home".

Verse of my Week:

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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