Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's day

There are three things in my life that I don't question. The love of my family, the love of my kids and the love of God. We are bonded together by blood, forever. As short as the minutes in a day to the depths of the heavens in eternity, I love them and they love me back. Now, there are also three things in my life that I have to continue to show love in order for them to know it. My husband, my in-laws and my friends.

This mother's day I wanted to give my mother in law something that was not only FROM me but also WAS me. It is often said that the gift means more to the giver than the receiver and that was my intention this week.

She, like many women love accessories, delicate and beautiful things so I made this especially for her. I started with Dupioni Silk because it is known for it's depth. Nothing on earth has more depth then people. The pearl in the center was placed to match her beloved necklace. I noticed she only wears it when she feels the most beautiful. Beads were spun with a little modern flair to fit this century. To let her know that she is needed today, tomorrow and in the days ahead. Finished, I saw the diamonds last. I saw them symbolizing perfection, because she, like you and me, was created in God's image. Individual personality is breathtaking.

"For love is shown through our actions"

Mother's, hope.


  1. That's a beautiful broach! And what a great idea to give something more personal to your mother in law. You're right, we do need to make more effort in showing love to our in laws. Flowers just wont do.

  2. I love the broach, seriously it was hard to part with. But what I thought was amazing is how a person could be such an inspiration with out even knowing it.

  3. Nadia, I really enjoyed this post! And I think mom will really like it! I know she likes flower broaches and she has one and its not so pretty! Great job. oh and your hair looks fabulous! Seriously!

  4. Awwwwww. Thanks Tania. I really hope she likes :)

  5. I pray that when I have a daughter-in-law some day that she will put as much thought and love into a gift for me. You have a very sweet heart, which I saw exemplified at the retreat. Lord bless you, "decade" after decade! (do you remember our conversation with Suzanna?!)

  6. Thank you so much. That means a lot, especially since through out life we are always trying to fit in. We want to be liked, and thats the truth. So thank you.

    (And the conversation with Suzanna, was it the "Decade almost gone by" thing?)