Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Necessities

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If its not dinner guests, then it's friends for lunch or simple conversation over tea. We throw parties, we hold events and more then not we host holidays. Food is always coming and going just as much as people are. This means preparation (it doesn't just land there ) and a kitchen that holds the proper necessities. Now, I know that I have more then perhaps what is required and with the recent purchase of a baking book I was intrigued when I found a list for it.

Baking list:
The small stuff......the stuff I flip through in catalogs and wonder if people put use into them.

Measuring spoons. "Check".
Measuring cups, for both dry measures and liquid measures. "Check", as of a week ago.
Icecream scoops in various sizes, from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. I have one, so "Incomplete".
Rolling pin. "Check", I think I might have 2.
Wire whisks, small and medium. I have a medium one, so "incomplete".....again.
Off set spatulas. Large, for frosting and small, for cookies and other tasks. "Check, Check!"
Heat resistant Silicone spatula, for hot mixures. "Check" BTW, very important.
Wooden spatula. "Check....."
Large metal (barbecue type) spatula. "Check".
Ruler. "Check".
Nonstick baking liner (such as silpat brand). The best purchase EVER! But I need a new one.
Parchment paper. I didn't know that this is not the same as Wax paper....I learned. "Check".
Mixing bowls in assorted sizes. "Check".
Sieves, medium and fine mesh. The fine mesh one is in almost every recipe! who knew? "Need".
Cookie cutters, plain and fluted, round and other shapes, in various sizes. I have a ton of playdough "check" until further notice.
Knives, chef's, paring, and serrated. My ONE knife is my best friend. "Kershaw" Rocks.
Microplane or other rasp-type grater (for citrus and nutmeg). "Need". I always just used the reg.
Citrus juicer, handheld reamer or electric. I have both. Nothing beats fresh squeezed OJ.
Pastry blender for making doughs (if you don't have a stand mixer). "Check".
Metal or plastic pastry scraper. I don't know what this is....Help, Wickapedia, Help!
Pastry brush. "Check". If paint brushes count.
Disposable pastry bags and star and plain pastry tips. "Check" but it's not disposable.
Thermometers, instant and candy. I gave away the candy one and now I need
Slotted spoons. "Check"
Short-handled tongs. "Check".
Sugar shaker. Hmmmm. I have a small sieve. Does any one know the difference?
Plastic airtight containers (for storing cookies and such) "No" We don't usually have leftovers....because I will eat them all, really.

Well, that does it. And it looks like I have a list on my hands. All in all though, I thought this was a great starting point to my kitchen. I like focus and direction because there are many times when my eyes wander off to other things that are shiny and nice, so it's good to know the difference from the things that are important from the things that are not.

It's time to look into those drawers, happy finding.

"Check", hope.

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