Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chocolate Tease

In preparation for Valentines Day, I baked a Chocolate Cake. In the spirit of things I was pretty excited because it is not often that I even find a recipe that interests me. So this was, in itself, an occasion. As I heated, melted, whipped and baked the first layer of my Triple Chocolate Cake there was a knock on my door.

I love unexpected guests, drop-ins and almost any type of visitor there is and by the sound of the door my day was only getting better. Inviting the guest in, I prepared tea and we gibber-jabbered over our lives. In light of my good mood, I decided to share the partially made cake and "whip up" another one later in the day. Even though the cake wasn't quite ready it was the "warm-out-of-the-oven chocolate" that takes your breath away and satisfies every hormone in your body. Yums.

Later on that evening I baked the second time around with a little bit more confidence. I patiently waited for it to cool as we had dinner with the family and lovingly prepared the mousse. It needed to set for a couple of hours and I was okay with it because of my previous indulgence.

I love new recipes, I also think that it is the only time that I actually enjoy the food going into my mouth so I was pretty excited to eat my cake late into the night, with my tea and my T.V. The satisfaction I get out of calories and laziness is a pleasure I work hard for. It was just one of those days when I wanted chocolate and a lot of it.

Well, it turned out that it wasn't just me that had this urge and when we were out of the house I found out that my dear sister-in-law took my cake to her party. This seemed a little over the top, but just as fast as I was surprised I felt it was also a compliment. Here's the email that inspired this post.

Nadia, I am not surprised the most amazing cake i have ever tasted came from your kitchen!!! I gotta say though that I felt pretty bad that (some one) decided she would take almost all of it. You gotta let me make it up to you :) Ill make you one of my tastiest creations but there is a catch...we have to exchange recipes. I just have to make that chocolate goodness for my mom and prove to her one more time that, I can too bake!! hehe :) Thank you so much Nadia it was delicious.

So that's the whole length of the story and for my one big fan I will be posting the recipe tomorrow.

Humbled, hope

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