Monday, February 8, 2010

The Chair

In the midst of all the junk, the broken and used. It stood out like no other object there and as I approached the chair, I was completely amazed. It would be a perfect fit in my home. Without any delay I dragged the chair with one arm and the three kids in the other until suddenly, it dawned on me. Was this chair some thing we needed or some thing I wanted? WANT. I knew that from the top of my head we had at least 15 chairs downstairs, but what was one more, Right? A little voice inside my head urged me to put the chair down and this time I listened. Right where I was walking, I set it down and didn't even look back. Little did I know that three days later when I returned for my chair, it would be half off. Little did I know that it would wait for me, just as I had left it. Patient for it's rightful owner. That day, I paid seven dollars for a chair at Salvation Army as well as remind myself that it pays to wait.

Patient, hope.

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