Monday, December 14, 2009

Walking on Clouds

"Walking on Clouds" is when a person is so happy (or maybe so in love) that you seem to float/not care/not pay attention to anything else around you. This is what I felt like on Thursday.

Due to my previous commitments I baked my heart out in the shape of puffs. There were cheese puffs for a ladies breakfast and sugar puffs for a Friday lunch. Intently, I concentrated on filling, coating, and decorating the sugar treats. So much so that by the end I thoughtlessly put them out in the garage. The problem was that it has been extremely cold, and a little creature created a home under the warmth of our lawn mower. I could honestly say that God showed up for me in a time when I was JUST.NOT. THINKING. It's as if he laid a shield of protection over my two foot tower of perfection and while one got saved the other dessert got eaten. It definitely got my attention in both ways but I had no mercy for that little mouse.

Weekends are different for me, in comparison to the rest of the week. It's a time when I stop scheduling and just let things come and go as they please. Saturday was my Christmas party and it was the perfect day for it too.

The turn out was great and after eating a breakfast of "Caramelized onion waffles with smoked salmon and eggs in a lemon cream sauce" we were ready to open gifts. The theme was Scarves, in light of a season when they become such an accessory.

Soon after that it became a little more casual and laid back. Some had to leave and some had no other place to be. Chatting away (as most girls do), I shared my hair ideas on them.

Well, I made it to Sunday. It was a filled day of Christmas shopping with my time-deprived kids and having company over but at the end of the day,when I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" I realized that while people were relating to Julie, I was relating to Julia Child's. She was different then the rest and she knew it, she was collected, driven and excited about it. I was both touched and inspired because the movie proves the very point of what I believe and that is that "our efforts aspire to something".

Believing, hope.

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