Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a fact

It's interesting to me that when I hear an educated person say the same thing I believe in, it makes more sense. It's as if my thoughts turn from an estimated guess to an actual fact. So the fact of the matter, is that I have been believing that the beginning of the week is the best time to be the most productive in the tasks that are most important. On a scale of priorities, my home needs to be clean and somewhat organized and free of clutter in order for me to function better. I have known this and have been cleaning my home on Mondays for years and only this week did it turn from "a thing that I did" to a "proved fact" that I heard on the radio this week.

So ladies, pick your priorities and do them in the beginning of the week. "You will feel more relieved, less overwhelmed and likely to have more free time for the things you enjoy". It turns out, that it's a fact.

Being Wednesday already, I am excited to finally tackle my creative side. First off, I ordered my Christmas Card online and finished my letter for my stocking. Next up, were those DARN shirts. It took out a large chunk of my day but putting away the sewing machine was the best feeling so far. One deep breath could finally be taken.

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