Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanksgiving came early

Fall is here and I just couldn't resist putting up my little pumpkins as part of my table setting for our dinner guests. We were having Caesar Salad with Genius's Wraps. They continue to be a favorite of mine and I was excited to make them, to eat them, and to be thankful for them.

To be thankful, really thankful came to me in the form of small blessings. Simple things that came in just the right time were personal to me and as I sat at my window last week I looked down at my plate a little differently. God had a way of providing, a plan of provision, and a promise of shelter and food. Always. Sitting there, I was completely thankful for what was given to me and I think for the first time I was sincere about it. Humbled in a sense that he will always share with me.

The words were easy. Share what you have with God's people who are in need. Be hospitable. (Romans 12:13) This was the memory verse for the kids this week at our church. And after I sent them off to school, I stood in my kitchen smiling. I knew that sharing with me was God's desire, and it was only by knowing what he does for me that I can delight in doing it for others.

So today, setting it up for our guests brought delight in my heart. It was nice to have our friends over. To catch up, see where God is working, and be involved in their life continues to be a blessing. It was nice knowing that even before thanksgiving this year I was thankful in my heart. Thankful, for the people in our lives and the food on the table.

Smiling, hope. Thankful, hope. Humbled, hope.


  1. The Lord was probably looking down at you with a smile.
    Its nice to be thankful not only on Thanksgiving Day but everyday. I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for. He has always provided beyond measure. This post made me think... and smile.

    CUTE place-mats by the way!! ;)

  2. Nadia,
    I always visit your blog but never comment (except once for a giveaway). This time I just want to let you know how thankful I am to you for taking your time to blog. It is so nice to be able to learn from such a talented lady. I get motivated by you when I read your blog and often find myself going back and re reading your older posts.. You are such a gifted young lady! Are you good at everything you put your hands on or does it take practice? I know their are many ladies who visit your blog but never comment for whatever reasons, but I just want to let you know that you are admired (even if you MIGHTt wonder if anyone reads your blog at times). God bless you and your family.