Monday, October 11, 2010

Barbie and the 3 Musketeers

Jenny is my only girl. She is the middle child between two boys. She is very much girlish as she is tom-boyish. So the Barbie Musketeer movie became an instant hit with her. For a whole year she planned her birthday. She that knew she wanted a sleepover, to have a Musketeer cake, and to battle with swords. What she didn't plan on was winning a coloring contest at a local mall, for the grand prize of 12 tickets to the carousel. So with the final detail checked off, the anticipation began to build up in her. Until finally her birthday came.

The carousel was surreal in the evening. The horses bounced around almost freely, expressing themselves in the rhythm of lights. The girls were their masters and they enjoyed the security in that. To be wanted, to be loved, to be needed was something special to the painted horses. And even though they stood prepared for hours until they were chosen, the laughter was always worth it.

The musketeers fled into the night. With only the sword on their backs to protect them. They fought off the boys who laughed in their faces, made fun of their names, and said they were weaklings. They showed them who's boss. They proved them all wrong. Because that's what Musketeers do!

But as all fairy tales go, they each have their end. With a yawn and a stretch, a smile and a sigh we put our little princesses to bed. They were done for the day. They each needed some rest. From the magical land called "Birthdays". So they pulled up their blankets, fluffed up the pillows and dreamed up more dreams for their own special, birthday party.

Into the night, hope.


  1. how beautiful! jenny makes one pretty princess musketeer!

  2. Denis, this comment is why you are the best uncle ever!!!