Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Bells

I watched the groom wait for his bride. The bride was nothing less than perfect. And as I listened to their written vows, I couldn't help but remember my own. Smiling, at the memory I enjoyed every minute of the wedding. It was private, personal and planned. Everything was orderly and well thought through.

The dance was precious. You could tell the groom was shy about his routine, nervous perhaps but fulfilled the steps none the less with a smile on the whole time. She gracefully moved her body, letting the dress sway along to the rhythm of the music. Beautifully, they danced their way around the floor. And along with everyone else, I was caught in the moment.

The ending brought me very close to tears. It struck my heart so close because at one time he had a place in my life and now, somewhere in between, we parted. It seems to be the case with most family, outside my own life seldom do I find the time for anything else. It wasn't like I regretted anything or expected but watching him dedicate his life to a girl made me think, just a bit.

Perhaps, I could show some interest. Find some time for the people that I so rarely see and swing by once in a while. I would have liked to know a little about her, before the wedding. Hear the story of how they met, when they fell in love, and the ways they fill each other out. Instead, I am a relative that watches from the side lines, only wishing happiness.

Inspired by that day, by everything that is right and white I made a little something. I created this flower for this special season of unity, purity, and beauty. It is almost a dedication for the seemingly effortless love that people have, yet work so hard on.

Forever and ever, hope.

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