Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pieces of me

One of the challenges that I am often facing is consistent thoughtfulness. I know that I want my children to witness kindness outside the walls of our home and I feel that it is easily practiced if I make it a priority. The problem is that it takes more than a desire to be thoughtful, it also requires the delegation to do it. And that to put others before me and my schedules, I would need to stop making excuses.

I usually find that more often than not, I would suddenly get tired, or I would find myself frustrated, or be so overwhelmed with my chores that it wouldn't be possible to make room for any thing else. Wanting to change this pattern, I started asking myself if the sudden idea (which was most often last minute) was possible or not. I would then seek for a window of time, and ask God, to show it to me.

Some times it has been as simple as putting an item on hold for a friend and sometimes its putting something of mine back so that I could bless some one else.  And some times, its bringing a coffee by, or lunch, or dessert, or maybe just a drop by. Regardless, I have been working on being thoughtful.

Today I was reminded of my parents.  I was reminded of  my mother and how she instilled in me the importance of bringing something to the host of the home that I was entering. It was a simple thought usually, I box of chocolates, some fruit, or jam.  But even simple actions require time and  I wondered at what point in my life, I got so busy that I lost the gratitude of being a guest.  And honestly, I wasn't okay with that.  I wasn't okay with ignoring this thought, especially because Tamar is one of the most influential women in my life.

Tamar is one of those ladies, who never complains, and I admire that about her. Besides raising her 5 children, being a pastor to the young adults in our church, carrying her sixth child, and finding time to develop her passion for renewing furniture, she happens to also be my friend on top of that. I am so grateful for our time, especially because she has blessed me with a few knowledgeable tools that I use with my children to this day.

Number one.
If you have something to say, place your hand on my shoulder and wait patiently for me to finish talking. I can not forget, because you are touching me and I know it is of value to you because you have waited. Besides practicing the diligence of patience, it is also a good example of respect.

Number two.
If you misbehave before your friends arrive, you will not be allowed to play. You have disobeyed me and the rules of our home so you will need to be in your room, by yourself. I need to know that I can trust you independently before you are allowed to play with your peers.  This promotes obedience as well as teaches consequence.  

Number three.
There are two types of snacks. When the adults are eating and talking it is called "adult time". You can not have or ask about the snacks on the table, they are put out for our guest. I have separate snacks for you and the other children, which I can give you once we finish having "adult time".  I think this just promotes sanity for the moms and a reason to have special treats.

Those are my favorite three. Of course there are probably a dozen more because Tamar is very wise and I look forward to learning new parenting techniques in our meetings together. While having her on my mind, I decided that running a few minutes late was not going to hold me back from making a treat for our "adult time" today. While I was prepping, I also began to wonder about your day and if it was any different than mine?

Don't you ever wonder what other people are doing? I do. Sometimes it's for the sanity of not being the only one. Sometimes it's for ideas to new approaches. And sometimes it simply to feed my craving for curiosity. In any case, I hope that you enjoyed having a small moment with me.

Find time, Hope.

I made a Russian salad called, Vinegrette.

1 boiled potato, peeled and diced
3 small boiled beets, peeled and diced
3 boiled carrots, peeled and diced
1 can of pickles
1 can of peas
Olive oil, salt and paper to taste
Sour kraut is also an option.

I also had time to make the sandwiches.

Crusty bread, sliced
Basil pesto
Ricotta cheese
Spinach tossed in a little oil, lemon juice and salt
Pickled onions
*I just do sliced onions marinated in red wine vinegar while preparing the sandwiches.



  1. Nadia you are so inspiring! I love love love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing some of you life experiences with us. You've helped me numerous times! You are such a blessing! -nadia

  2. I appreciate the feedback:) thank you!!

  3. Hi Nadia,
    I can relate to you in lots of ways....maybe cause its cause we are all just people. I'm a mom of three, with a wonderful husband and no time:) yet in the heap of all our responsibilities, seeking Gods purpose for my life, trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter I could be and trying to stay passionate about god, family and life....focusing on the precious things in life. As hard as it seems most of the time, I want to raise them to be kind, thoughtful, god fearing people which is why I'd love to hear more parenting advice that your friend has shared....i appreciate your writing and may god bless you and your family abundantly. It's nice to be able to openly relate to one another. All the best, from canada

  4. Wow.. the previous comment is exactly my life... everything i have to say was said in the previous comments! God bless you Nadia!

  5. To the Mrs from Canada.,
    Thank you for your input. I will definitely try to post more parenting advice. I feel that there are many women I glean from and I will try narrowing down some of the fundamentals that I use with my children.
    Always, hope.

  6. Nadia, thank you for sharing your thoughts especially advice on parenting. I will practice them with my kids- im in need of adult time. It makes perfect sense. Tamar needs to write a book to all mommies ;)


    Natalia M.

  7. Thanks Nadia,
    I'm the mrs from Canada....and slightly related to you. David radchenko married my sis last September, Im sorry I didn't meet you then, but hopefully well get a chance to meet again. I'll be waiting for some of that parenting pressure:) all the best,

  8. Nadia,
    I love reading ur blog it inspires me to be better. We'll gladly hear anymore parenting advice u have to share :) Gods blessing to u and ur family