Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photogenic moments

Jenny is my beautiful daughter. She is turning six here in just a little bit and starting school. Recently I have been watching her become her own little self through clothes, accessories, and glances in mirrors. Little things that she hadn't noticed before were a big deal now, things like making sure her head bands matched and that the shoes went well with each outfit. She was definitely changing and I was excited about it.

So when a package came for her in the mail I watched her little face light up as she opened her gift this year. The sparkles on her shirt seemed magical and the 1/8 inch heel was proclaimed in screeches. She was ecstatic. I could tell, so I did what any photo-obsessed mom would do. I took pictures.

Naturally she was beautiful but it has been tough portraying her beauty into a photograph. It usually took patience, time, and memory card of digital tries. So it completely took me by surprise when we stepped out today. All of a sudden, she worked the camera in a way I have never seen before and I wasn't even sure I liked it. My girl had suddenly grown up.

I watched her body move, freely, easily, and gracefully. She knew how to have fun with it, laugh with it, and be part of it. I was fascinated by it, mesmerized by her every look into the camera. So as I stood back and watched, I prayed for her in the back of my mind.

Let her always be this happy to be in her skin. This secure about herself and her creator. This pure, sure, whole and innocent for as long as she needs to be. But also help me be completely confident in my image so that I could raise her in a way that she should never question her worth, or compare herself to others. Your beauty, is in turn my beauty which is most certainly hers too.

Perfectly designed, hope.

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  1. A perfect prayer for a daughter. I'm using that one on my Lucy! ;)